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Hypertufa Containers 

By Nathan Chesson

Hypertufa containers are composed of materials that are easily available. They can be made without too much of difficulty, by the majority of gardeners, thereby providing an attractive alternative to costly pots and tubs. Container gardening has some great advantages. It helps in the provision of accurate conditions and soil mixes for certain plants. They can be converted into tailor-made stuffs by adding specific soil conditioners, and fertilizers, followed by 'environment change'. The shifting of these containers from sun to shade is easily possible. It should be carried out in order to provide protection against wind and frost. The urbanized population can derive maximum pleasure from these containers, as they suffer from a 'lack of garden space'.

Hypertufa has an aesthetic compatibility with most of the paving and building materials. That's why; it does not give the feeling of 'odd man out' in garden-like situation. It has an antique look and attracts mosses and lichens. Hypertufa gets very well camouflaged with shrubs and plants in garden. These tubs have a plant friendly nature. The porous and bulky wall thickness enacts the role of a water reservoir. Air can easily reach the roots due to the porous nature of Hypertufa container. These hypertufa containers are conducive to many kinds of plants. They are good, particularly for cacti, alpine plants, and succulents.

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Tufa Rock finds its man-made substitute in Hypertufa. Tufa can be defined as a cellular, spongy rock in 'limestone country'. It is particularly found in the areas where there is an active participation of water in wearing & 'leaching out' of original materials, thereby getting a porous, spongy effect. This naturally occurring stone has been carved and hollowed out for planters and tubs for ages. Versatility is the biggest point to bank upon.

Besides tubs and pots, its use is in the making of hypertufa pots, troughs, birdbaths, stepping stones, seats, sculptures, benches, steps and hypertufa planters. Proper and timely surface treatment makes it rugged. It does not involve the use of any special tools. If one wishes to try it out it can prove to be quite cheap and completely original. Just an artistic point of view is needed.

Hypertufa is a fun and easy way to create your own garden art. If you would like to learn more about Hypertufa then Click Here.